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 Is Happiness a Choice? 


 What is happiness?
 I would define happiness as a feeling of joy, a feeling that makes your mind fresh and a feeling that you simply can’t get enough of. A feeling when you feel fabulous and where all you want to do is smile. 

But then the question arises. …. 
Is happiness a choice? 

I say yes.  Happiness is a choice. But it is a choice that we as an individual make. We control every aspect of our attitude and it is on our hands to choose if we want to be happy, sad or in that matter anything. No one can force us to do or be what they want. Even if they do, the actions are only going to be half hearted because it’s a choice we as a whole haven’t made. It’s a choice we have accepted from someone else, not a choice we have accepted for ourselves. 

So likewise, we can only be happy if we  choose to be happy and it’s a choice we are willing to accept over the other options. A choice we make for ourself and not under the impact of anyone or anything. 
I always choose to be happy, because if you can be happy why be anything else? 🙂

But that’s just me. ☺
Do you think happiness is a choice? 

…. …………………… 

I went to Dunkin Donuts the other day and I had this lovely meal. Also, this makes me happy. … So why not? 🍩🍔

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6 thoughts on “ Is Happiness a Choice? 

  1. Nice layout. You’re using WordPress really well, with widgets and share buttons and sidebar tools. It’s very user-friendly and your style is also friendly. One thing I was looking for (and it may be there, I just couldn’t find it), was a place where your most recent posts were “listed” so I could pick and choose. Maybe by date? I’ll look around some more. When I first landed, I though you only had a post or two, but you clearly have a bunch more. Great job!

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