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I’m addicted??!!! 

Woah! Hold the horses to your thoughts and first see what I’m addicted to before assuming it to be  drugs. Not all teens are drug addicted… A few good of us are still left who are addicted to scarier stuff like books, mobile phones,  tea, coffee and MUSIC! 

That other day I was going to my cousin’s place and my mom and me caught a cab to reach there.  Like always my headphones were around my neck (they’re my favorite accessory and I never leave home wothout them). 

I have black wireless skull candy headphones and I got them about 5 months back and it was love at first sight 😍. Since then I never really leave home without them. I’m committed to them like I’m committed to reading books (another thing I usually don’t leave home without. A good book.) 

So as alway, as soon as we got in the cab I pulled the headphones over my ears and switched it on. My headphones make a beep-boop-beep sound which indicates that it has switched on. But this time when I tried to switch it on….. … It didn’t make the sound 😨

I started panicking. . And I’m not the kind of person who usually panics (so if I panic it has to be pretty serious)  I tried switching them on at least 20 times but they still didn’t switch on. I was in a whirlpool of confusion. The journey was pretty long and I couldn’t  just stare out of the window (I usually stare out of the window with music playing in my ears) 

Then did I realise that the battery of my headphones was dead (obviously I hear too much music than an average person) I was in much ado. I didnt know what to do. I couldn’t just play it on my phone because. .. . Well I don’t share my music with everyone (cuz it’s mine and I’m possessive… Does that make sense?) I can’t explain the helpless situation I was in. 

That’s when I looked at my creator. My mum sitting in the seat beside me. I looked at her with hope and asked the question I didn’t think I would 
“Do you have ear phones? ”
I don’t  particularly like ear phones because they are wholly inserted into a person’s ear and can collect ear bacteria or whatever. But I was helpless. I couldn’t sit the whole journey without my music!! As she rummaged through her huge as well as stuffed purse I crossed all the fingers I had hoping to put some ear bacteria in my ear so that I could hear my music. 
Finally she pulled out her white ear phones and handed it to me. 
I stared at it like I was handed a million dollars and smiled widely and took it from her. 
That’s when I realized. .. . 

Man, I’m addicted to music. 

Not thats its a very good thing. Which of the addictions are? As soon as I got to my cousin’s place, I didn’t even waste a breath I just charged my headphones. (Gosh where were my manners? !) They were obviously gawking at my strange mannerisms… But they’re used to it 😸✌
But music is my weak point and existence without it is a herculean task for me. 

And I never not want to get rid of it. 
Mic drop


5 thoughts on “I’m addicted??!!! 

    1. Lol yeah I don’t like sharing my music and I really can’t choose ONE song from my perpetual playlist.. But if I had to… It’d be Keine Religion by Joy Denalane. It’s a German song and I don’t really know the words but I’m in love with it 💟

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