Life Update

Life Update: First ever marathon 

I’m so happy I finally get to check off two things off my bucket list. 

  1. Run a marathon

  2. Beat your previous walkathon record. 

My bucket list’s still pretty long though… But something is better than nothing right? Of course it is! 
So I ran my first real marathon of 5km today, I previously participated in a walkathon which is basically a marathon but there you’re  only allowed to walk. I completed my marathon in 32 minutes and 24 seconds and I’m so happy because I beat my walkathon record which was 67 minutes and 28 seconds. I’m not the very athletic type but I’m a sporty person, and I just want to hug myself tight because this is a big accomplishment for me! !!! 🏆🏆🏆 🙌

{ I’m the one in the green shorts} 

There was a 10km run as well and a guy finished it in about 34 minutes and 52 seconds… So when I finished 5km he had finished 10 km😂😅

I feel these people use the nitro power ups that are in games like subway surfers and they just get a boost of 2km or something like that because honestly all I could think was. …. Dude. .. How? 

It was humid and I toppled almost two bottles of 500ml of water on myself and had a bath with my clothes on. Walking bath 😅 I didn’t take my headphones but I had my mobile with me so when I felt like I was not going to make it I played some of my favorite music and sang along {also danced a bit} 

But this was an amazing experience. At the end of the run they gave us cupcakes sandwiches and I also a finisher medal which is gold 🙂 couldn’t have been more happy. 

{My gold medal. That’s my very sweaty finger print on the medal. .. In case you were wondering  😜} 
Today was the last day of my vacation and tomorrow school starts and my legs are aching so bad but I’ll be glad to meet my friends and tell them about this. But  goodness am I so drained! I sometimes wish I could be a bear and go into hibernation and wake up after 2 months. I mean how awesome is that? 

I don’t even know where I’m getting the energy to write this post. My energy is seeping out of my body every second and my eyes are drooping and I’m soooooooo sleepy and soooooooo hungry. . But again when am I not? 😜

Waiting for my next marathon. 

#IAmAFinisher #MarathonLove 

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