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So I have been asked this question twice as a simple interrogation by my friends just to know what all I’d do.

When I was first asked this question I freaked out and panicked and my answer was similar.  I said I’d freak out and panic because I didn’t want to die and there are so many people and things that I love in this life and I’d be struck by grief if I lost them irrespective of the fact that I’d be dead. These were my honest first thoughts.  I didn’t even think before I answered. I was just so horrified by the thought of a mere possibility. My friend obviously gawked  at me in surprise and told me to calm my nerves as it was just a silly question.

For her it was.

For me it certainly wasn’t.

Because it got me thinking. The inevitable truth is that the world is going to end for me one day and I’m not oblivious to that fact, it was just the thought that had never occurred to me.

I was frightened at first because this is the only life that I have and there are so many things I haven’t done, things I haven’t experienced or heard of or am quite unaware of and it chilled my nerves that I could leave this place totally oblivious to all these things offered to me by life, that I would be leaving without even taking a glance.

So I gave it a hard thought. The question derived my mind of all other thoughts and took my full attention for more than just a couple of days. I read, browsed, asked till I reached to a final conclusion days later which I finally considered satisfactory.

The next time I was asked this question I wasn’t baffled like the first time.

For this time I knew what I’d do if today was my last day on Earth.

First I said, I’ll write a very lengthy letter to all the people who I have known and all that I have received and express my gratitude towards all things big and small.  Towards all the experiences, things that have crafted me into who I am today. The books, the movies, the mistakes, the emotions. Everything. I’ll leave no stone unturned.

Then I’ll do all the things that make me happy. I’ll take a hot shower, order an extra cheese pizza, turn the AC on and make the room chilly and then snuggle under a blanket.

Go for a swim, walk among the trees, maybe read a book, listen to my favorite songs, talk to my  favorite people, have coffee, dance to a tune.

Then I’ll remove all the photo albums or pictures I have and drown in a wave of nostalgia. Remember happy memories and smile like an idiot.

Put my last literary work onto paper.

Then say goodbye to all. Hug them tight.

Then maybe I’ll come say goodbye to my readers that is you guys who take out your precious time to read what I write for which I’m forever grateful and publish  my last post on my blog ever.

Then maybe I’ll give myself one last cry and promise myself to seize all opportunities I get in my next life (yes I believe in life after death) and to get the best out of everything life has to offer. Also to eat less chocolates and be more fit and do my homework on time.

I’ll hug myself and tell myself that I love you and I’m proud of you, and in the last moments lay down on bed with a smile till my last breath.

This time the reaction of my friend wasn’t a gawk. She was awestruck.  She asked me if I had this all planned out and I said I had every second decided.

Her exact words:

‘Dude you should write that down.’

So I did.

Mic drop



  1. I said before that I admired your writing and your thoughts. That’s exactly what I would do too, and I am much older than you are, and I’ve thought a lot about it over the years. So you’re way ahead of me. You’ll do something special with your life.

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  2. Nice question and thoughtful answer. A book I read years ago posed these questions: what would you do with your life if you knew you’d die in 5 years? In 2 years? In 6 months? He commented that if your answers reflected something drastically different than what you were currently doing, it may give you pause about the present. I know, that won’t necessarily work if you’re in school, but if you have a job and you’d quit it, that says something, versus if you’d stay at your job because you loved it. Thanks for getting me thinking about this, too.

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  3. Haha i liked the ending! xD but i have this thought often too, and wow, I’m amazed at how you’ve got it all figured out. I think I’ll probably just be chilling with the people I love, or maybe say all the things I haven’t been able to all these years not having to worry about being criticized or anything. Because I won’t be there tomorrow. I guess my last day still has a long way to go though, until then I’m just going to enjoy each day to it’s fullest! 🙂

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  4. Very serious question. If only we’d know ahead of time, what wouldn’t we all do?

    My co-worker and her boyfriend left the mall, where he was a security guard, planning to take in a movie. On the next block they saw several young teens beating up another one and her boyfriend stepped forward and told them to let him go. One of the boys, age 13, pulled a knife and stabbed her boyfriend. That was it — his life was over. Later, as a form of closure, Amy tried to piece together what all he’d done on his “last day” and the thoughts he might have had.

    Since your post has brought this incident to mind maybe I’ll do a blog post on it. Thanks for the inspiration. 🙂

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    1. Well the thing is that we cannot see what happens next even if we can see the future because the future is subject to change. So we just need to grasp every opportunity we get and try and make the most of it 😊

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  5. What an ending 😂 This question has actually got me thinking because I’d have no idea what I’d do. I might ask some of my friends this but I love the things you included such as writing letters to the people you care about, very sweet(‘: it’s scary to think that you could leave the world when you haven’t experienced and seen that much. That’s why we have I make all the time left count. Loved your post x

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