The Handwriting Tag 

Hey everybody! Those of you’ll who have been here before know that I’m a newbie blogger and this is my my first ‘tag’ blog post! I saw this tag circulating around and my mind said 

“Why not?! ”

I’ve seen that people only do tags when they have been nominated or something like that. {I’m a newbie dont judge} but then I thought whyyyy?? Why wait for others to tell you when you can tell yourself. 

Canst thy make thy decisions by thyself? 

So here I go. My handwriting is called as ‘the potato’ by my friends because it’s round and squishy. Lol but true fact. See for yourself. Hehe 😅 

The Rules

  1. Write your name
  2. Write your blog’s name
  3. Write your favorite word and its definition
  4. Write something nice
  5. Write the name of your favorite song right now
  6. What are you writing with?
  7. Write a fun fact about yourself
  8. Write/draw your favorite emoticon
  9. Write a silly message
  10. Write who you’re tagging

{ I also made tiny little doodles in the page. It’s not a part of the tag but I really like making doodles and this is my blog post so yeah. …} 

My nominations:

Hope you all have fun  doing the tag ! ! If you’re not tagged consider yourself tagged.
Also. .. . How is my handwriting? 📝😋

Mic drop



25 thoughts on “The Handwriting Tag 

  1. Your handwriting is freaking awesome!
    “and its my blog so yeah” LOVED IT xD I can see that the Thug Life chose you.
    You’re an artist, aren’t you?
    You’re super creative xD Loved the post.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Looks cool and it’s a funny idea I think! PS: you DO have a nice handwriting too, yo (unless you tried reeeeeeally hard for this and started again a million times as I would probably do)! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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