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Just The Way You Are

It hurts me deeply how in today’s time it is more socially acceptable to hate ourselves than to love it. I hate how people have an urge to look like someone they’re not. I hate how they push their originality in the dumps and imitate others to such an extent that they forget their true selves. 

We find lust at face value. That’s how we have been comprehending beauty since ages. I wonder why they taught us about landforms, trigonometry and newton’s laws in schools than the necessity to love our own selves the way we are. 
There was a time when I constantly criticised myself because I looked a certain way. I kept asking myself 

Why am I like this? Why am I not like that? 

There was a time I hated myself for what I was. I hated the way my eyes crinkled when I smiled, I hated the way my tongue popped out of my mouth when I was into deep thinking, I hated the person I saw in  the mirror, I just hated the way I was. But as I started observing more, understanding more I realized that beauty seen visually  is nothing but pure lust. I understood that a beautiful person is a person with a beautiful heart and not with a perfect figure or perfect  facial features. Oh how did I feel bad for constantly putting myself down previously. Oh how did I not see the person I was criticising within. 

As soon as I realized this I started liking my weirdness. The way I sometimes snorted when I laughed too hard, I started liking the way I hopped when I was ecstatic, I started liking the way I could make funny faces and cheer up my friends, I started liking the way my laugh sometimes scared people. I started loving myself when I realized I was beautiful I side and that was all that really mattered. 

We are all beautiful within. We are all amazing people hiding in our tiny shells.
 Having a pretty face gets you nowhere, but having a pretty heart, you can make a place in the heart of the universe. 

So next time you think

 I’m too fat or I’m too thin, 

I’m so dark or I’m so pale

My nose is no fat or my lips are too thin

.. … 

Just know that. .. 

You are an amazing person. You need no ones validation for that. It’s a fact. You are amazing and you are one of a kind. The stars have been combined in a unique combination to create a masterpiece and that’s you. You deserve to be called beautiful. You deserve to be called fantastic along with all your flaws, weirdness, curves, edges. 

You were born original, don’t waste your life trying to be like someone else. Be who you are. If no one accepts you the way you are, it’s their loss. 
You deserve to receive every happiness in the world irrespective of the way you look, the way your voice sounds, the way you  walk, the way you laugh or in that matter in any context of your appearance. All that matters is that you having a heart full of love, kindness and compassion. 
Don’t waste your life hating yourselves.

Because you are amazing beautiful worthy lovely grand and a complete sweetheart just the way you are…. 

Here are a few motivational pictures I found on the net in case you needed that little push:

I hope I helped anyone looking for this even in the teenisest way possible. I’d be very happy if I have. 

You are beautiful okay. Let no one change change that fact. And lastly, 

Believe in yourself, because if you won’t then who will? 

Mic drop 


11 thoughts on “Just The Way You Are

  1. I totally agree and love this post on so many different levels. It’s sickening to see the amount of people dying to be who they aren’t.. being jealous and craving to be what they could never be!

    On the other hand it’s amazing how you’ve promoted self acceptance and self love! I bet you’re an amazing person! Much love! xoxo 😏👌

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