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A Teenager’s Perspective

So I was cleaning the junk out of my pen drive a few days earlier and I came across this word document. I was asked to write for my school magazine on a topic related to teenagers and their perspectives and bla bla.. and I wrote this like 5 months back??


Please don’t judge me on this because i wrote this at 4 a.m. the day I had to submit it because obviously I work like 3 hours before deadline (duh)


      A Teenager’s Perspective

                                              A teen. When we’re old yet young.

If you don’t share toys with your siblings you have to realize that you are old and mature know that other’s happiness is your happiness. Also. When a movie you wanted to see premieres on television but you need to know that you are not old enough to watch action movies. What are we really? Old enough or not young enough? I have no clue.

Yes we are always glued to our phones. And we call wifi a lifeline. Yes we talk faster than a Boeing 747.  We listen to music more than we listen to our folks and we sleep more than a fat old cat in a warm corner of the house. Sometimes we go days without blabbering as much or eating as usual and then that phrase comes. “ You’re a teen. It’s a phase. It will go away.”

Phase? What are we moon?

As parents we know that you’ll are concerned about us and think about our well being as priority number one but we teens are in a confused world. Really. We sometimes don’t feel like going the path you set for us , but that’s just because we want to explore the world our way. We don’t always do things the right way and make mistakes, and just to be sure sometimes we repeat the same mistake twice or thrice just to be sure J. We are often confused between studies and enjoyment. We know we should have the best of both worlds but you know who we are. Teens.

And don’t get me started about mood swings. We can be angry about a snack we didn’t receive a minute early and the next minute be shouting at the woman in the movie to warn her about the ghost in her cellar. We are one big mess. But to us it is normal. We don’t even realize it till someone (who’s of course not a teen) points it out to us. Then all we can say is “oh”. And that’s it. Our mind wanders off to another topic to argue about. Maybe why the chicken crossed the road. We love to watch television really. Our choices differ from anything to everything. We can watch a really deep and dark Sherlock Holmes mystery being unfolded and the next moment watch Spongebob Squarepants on nickelodeon. Yes parents refer to it as “The Idiot Box”. We love it anyways and cutting out our tv time is like pouring a big bucket of fury on us. After that we are like a cyclone around the house fussing about everything else just because we didn’t get to watch enough tv.

Ya and we don’t like to do the chores unless we have our headphones switched on and Chris Martin is singing one of his songs. If that is the case, our life becomes a music video and even though we may not be as good as him in singing we will blare the lyrics like a mountain ram and do whatever we are told. Well most do. We are big food junkies. Be it pizza, fries, burger, cookies or anything of that sort. We will not say no. And then they tell us to eat our veggies and drink water and eat all that we don’t crave. And we make a face and we quietly eat all the good stuff by. But deep inside we know that next time we’re in a restaurant, we are going to have all the bad stuff.

We know that we don’t know this world as good as the elders who have gradually know and experienced the world and grown wise. And we also know that our elders try to protect us from everything they possibly can. We know the numerous mistakes we have made and the numerous times you’ll have forgiven us. We still make mistakes, we raise our voice or back-answer, do rebellious things, don’t reach your expectations or don’t obey you. But at the end, no matter how angry we were, there comes a time when we start feeling bad about what we have done, we start regretting it and wishing that we could rewind and then backspace. But we cannot. So instead we just sit around trying to make up for it.

But then again after all that was done, things are repeated. and yet again you somehow forgive us and we wonder if your heart is bigger than the moon, because putting so many things gone wrong to a simple smile or a hug is something we cant do so well. So if you think we are careless, senseless or reckless….you  might be right. We are trying to find out things by our perspective. Doing wrong things and then realizing. Falling down or tumbling down we just want you parents to give us the determination to stand up and rise higher.

We try to be the best we can and not everything is perfect like that one direction song, but honestly we are a needle in a bushel of hay and we are just trying to come out one step at a time to become what we were born to be. Maybe someone who knows why the chicken crossed the road…..



Um….I don’t even if it’s going to get published in the magazine. I’ll find out on Friday cuz we have results and that’s when they distribute the magazine. (crap results!!!)


I wish I could say Happy Monday but Mondays are not really the best days, so I will say Happy 6-days-for-Sunday !!


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7 thoughts on “A Teenager’s Perspective

  1. Omg what you wrote about teens is so true! And I always really dislike when people say “oh its a phase she’ll grow out of” like NO, ACTUALLY, THIS IS ME AND NOT A PHASE. Anyways great post and hope you get it published in the magazine! xx

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Teenagers are gonna love this post! A very clear explanations and it’s gotta be on the magazine for sure.. would not only be a fun read but also very informative for some parents who’ve lost their memory on their teenage period! 👌

    Liked by 1 person

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