Life Update

Life Update: A lazy day 


I’m feeling supppperrr lazy today! I bunked school (to which my mother agreed after debating it for almost 2 days. Yay!) She doesn’t always agree to my lazy whims so whenever she does I  feel like its raining pizzas!

I didn’t want to go to school because:

a) we had a computer’s test which I was ready for but man i sit on the front seat and if the teacher has to scream at anybody she screams from right in front of the class and I think I’ll probably become deaf because of the constant exposure to high-pitched noises!!

b) It’s dammmmnnnnnnnnnnn hot!! And if I was an ice cream I probably would’ve melted by now, but then again if i was an ice cream I would’ve eaten myself long back 😋😁

c) this is supposed to be vacation time but since it’s the last year of school and next year it’ll be college so we have to attend extra classes all throughout April!

d) I’m just plain lazy !!!!!!!


I slept too much today!! I got up and I still haven’t brushed ( I hate brushing I  should probably do it now) then I’ll have something sloppy for breakfast.

I want to be productive today because on most days…..I’m not. And Idon’t like being a non-productive-person-who-wastes-their-day. It frustrates me!!


Today I’m planning to finally start my book.

Flashback: I got a greeatt!! story idea which I found on pinterest and things clicked and I decided to write it down but man am I a great procrastinator!!!

I’ve finally decided to write it down today!!

Also I have to prepare myself for the math test I’m gonna write this weekend and we have a dozen chapters and the target set for me is huge!!! So um….Hello Maths and bye-bye Music… (for a while….)


Also did I mention that last week I broke my record of eating the most number of ice-creams in a week!!! My previous record was 37 which I achieved somewhere in the March of 2015 and my current record that I achieved just last week is eating 47 ice creams in one week!! Haaa!!!!! Beat that!!

I do have a mild fever know and a drippy nose but who cares!?

I have my results for the semester on Friday and I’m so freaked out about it but that is the day I will also know if my article A Teenager’s Perspective made it in the magazine or not!!

So tomorrow I’ll have to go to school (eew!) but it’s fine since this is the last year of school and next year when it’ll be college we’ll all go different paths. So for now I’ll try to enjoy it and make memories to remember!

Always remember. Life is Better when you’re laughing! 

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