Floating Thoughts

I am 

I am such a

Look at the sky

Look at the stars

Look at the moon

Type of person

I am a

Running with wind

Swimming with waves

Singing with birds 

Type of person

I am a 

Shout in the valley

Whisper in the crowd

Swear at the exams

Type of person

I am a

Not caring what others say

Wanting what I want

Loving what I love

Type of person

I am a 

Awake at night

Falling on my butt

Blabbering to my friends

Type of person 

I am a

Crying for people 

Screaming at myself

Staring at animals 

Type of person

I am a

Loving my life

Not wasting my time

This is my only life 

Type of a person

I got the school magazine on Friday (plus my results). Results were okay, and i hope to do so much better. And my article  A Teenager’s Perspective  which I posted a few days back somewhere here) was published ad I’m soooooooo happy. My friends loved it! 
And it’s finally weekend. FINALLY. 

Happy Weekends and may the odds be ever in your favor!   

Mic drop



11 thoughts on “I am 

      1. O.o you serious? Bruh, I thought you were so excited about your article to possibly be published cuz you’ve been writing about it a couple of times – how don’t you know what it’s about when someone says ‘congrats’ under a post where you mentioned that your post got published in a magazine!? Jeeeeeeeez!

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        1. Well it could be perhaps because I was so excited and overjoyed and frantic about it all, I no longer realize what I’m happy on, because I didn’t have just one article but also two more poems and an interview published and my friends are all wowing me and I’m superfluous with happiness to the point where I no longer realize what a word means. Jeeez sorry!

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