Floating Thoughts

|| Real Happiness ||

I have figured out lately that real happiness isn’t something huge and blooming that is difficult to receive and much more difficult to give like something at the other part of the world, so out of reach and so out of sight. 

It’s those sweet simple somethings that we all fail to appreciate and overlook. 

The twinkle in the eyes of someone you love. 

The first sip of coffee in the morning. 

Good morning with a smile. 

Watching sunsets. 

Smelling the salty Sea. 

Watching the stars. 

Being cozy in bed.. 

Loving your favorite song. 

Being kind. 

Receiving a sweet message. 

Blowing bubbles. 

Being forgiven. 

Achieving small goals. 

Talking to your favourite people. 

Happiness is all around us scattered in our day to day lives, the sweet somethings, the real happiness in disguise, the things we so easily overlook. 

It’s time to give them a second glance. 

A second thought. 

A feeling of gratitude. 

Thanks for being there

Mic drop


17 thoughts on “|| Real Happiness ||

  1. Simply amazing.. We truly overlook our small rejoicing moments in search of “bigger happiness”. Made me remember the scene of the movie “Sound of Music”.๐Ÿ˜Š

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