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I’m trying to get a hold of life 

There’s a lot going on with me now. Too many things on my platter and it’s hard to get it off the dish. Its sooooooo overwhelming. Then there is that evil thing called study. I am just so stressed lately there’s constant need of revision, and note taking, and reading, analysing, so many doubts and then tests where I’m given targets to achieve and I just don’t feel right when I don’t achieve them. It’s like I fail to reach my goals, my expectations. There are so many people having expectations from me.
And then there’s me. Always falling short by a margin. Always being a disappointment.
I’ve given up wholly on social life. I’ve just stopped interacting with my friends by a large amount, the only reason I sometimes contact them is to ask my doubts or ask for submission dates for my assignments and projects. It’s like I have this big rock on my back and it’s weighing me down. Then there are some days I have reached rock bottom. I can no longer find the determination. I just want to be lazy.
It’s funny how stress changes us. I can very confidently say I’m not the person I was about a year ago. And I miss that girl. Oh yes I do.

I was




Full of enthusiasm and ideas

And full of energy

And now I am

Always angry



Lazy to do everything

And sick at the thought of my text books

But what I have realized reaching rock bottom is that there’s only one way I can go.

And that’s , the top.

Because I have reached my depth and now it’s time to reach the peak, to conquer it and scream from on top of it that I did it !

And you bet I will. People around me are being very supportive and encouraging and I couldn’t be more grateful. I just need to push away all the distraction and all the things I like doing so that I can hold stress by the throat and choke it by my success.
So I won’t be around here too much. I’ll post when I can. What I do want to say is that I enjoy being here and it’s just such a lovely feeling that I want to be here all the time, and that’s exactly what I can’t do.
I need to get my plate empty first to fill it with things I want. I’m trying to get a hold of life that is so drastically changing and it’s just speeding away in front of my eyes and I can’t just grab all those fast forwarding moments and turn them into memories. It’s like they’re telling me to gear up and accelerate.

You see, it’s a challenge. A difficult one.
This is getting a tad sad so here’s a fantastic thought my brain popped up while I was studying physics yesterday night at around 1:15 a.m
Physics should get cancer


Cancer should get physics

So that 

One will die of a disease 


The other of tension 

{duh you call that fantastic}

I wait for such a day……
So here’s to life, twice happy and twice sad.
Mic drop


8 thoughts on “I’m trying to get a hold of life 

    1. Try something new. Get a new perspective on life. When you feel stuck in a rut, maybe a change will get you out of it. Even if it something small like taking a walk or trying a new restaurant


  1. Being a teenager is rough. Always has been and always will be..but keep chugging along is all i can say. Soon enough, you’ll get through, and hopefully the positivity will come back too 🙂


  2. Aw it’s so sad to hear you’re having a really rough time. I know everyone says this, but hang in there, all these exams and pressure will be gone before you know it, and you can go back to being you and living! Keep calm and carry on, even though it might seem practically impossible 💞💞


  3. No need to apologize. It sounds like you have your life on track even with the stress. We’ll all still be here when you get back so just breathe, take your time know we’re all cheering for you to achieve greatness 🙂


  4. Aww I’m sorry you’ve been going through all this lately! I’m completely drained with end-of-year schoolwork rn and I totally get you. 😦


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