Let’s meet there

Wouldn’t it be nice?

Having rooftop conversations at 2 a.m

Talking about nothing in general

Just looking at the stars

And closing our eyes and dreaming

When life is not in such a worry

And time ticks by our side


How lovely would it be ?

To feel the sand beneath our feet

And stand there where the sky kisses the ocean

To let the crashing waves be our heart’s rhythm

To loose ourselves in the moment


How beautiful would it be?

To get lost in each others eyes

Making memories sharing laughs

Being beside each other side

Promising lovely things

Feeling the warmth in our hearts


I haven’t met you

I don’t know if you exist

But when the stars sigh in unison

And the waves sway against each other

Is a place

Let’s meet there

See you soon okay?



Mic Drop




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