Life Update

Life Update : I’m an anxious traveller 

While I’m writing this post I’m on my flight back home from Bhutan

 So hey I haven’t been here lately because life suddenly just decided to throw tension bombs on me and I was busy dodging them..  

So this past week I’ve been in Bhutan aka the country of gross national happiness. 

Lately I’ve been very anxious, even during my trip. That’s because I constantly thought that any moment someone could throw atom bombs over me and I would explode like a squeezed tomato, thanks to the World War III rumors. I’ve been searching the skies for mysterious aircrafts who might be ready to throw atomic crap on me and turn my existence into rumbles and ruins. Thankfully that hasn’t happened yet and I hope it never does. In Bhutan I  visited a lot of monestaries and the first thing I wished for whenever I visited one was that the third world war should never take place. That’s not taken place yet so I guess my prayers have reached and hopefully fulfilled. 

Why are wars even needed? Whenever I fight with my friends or cousins my elders always tell me to sit down and talk  it out and have mutual understanding. If my friend doesn’t agree with me on a certain subject should I just throw a grenade on his house? I mean how is that going to solve anything? How is destruction even a solution?  

Doesn’t it ignite even a tiny flame of fear in the minds and hearts of people who are planning it? It’s a fact that oblivion is inevitable and that one day all human work will turn to dust but isn’t it too soon for that? People have taken so many pains to reach where they are today. The ups, the downs, the progress and the back falls and yet there are some ungrateful people who are ready to drop nuclear bombs on the hard work of many at the snap of a finger.

These thoughts make me a sadist and I just get a hell lot worried because I don’t know if I will be breathing the next moment or not…  The other day this bird flew over and pooped on the street a few centimeters ahead from me and I was oblivious of my  surroundings walking with music blaring in my ears and I just saw  something fall a few centimetres ahead of me and I flinched. Yes I flinched when bird poop fell on the street ahead of me, that’s how much anxious I was about my immediate surroundings… 
But I’ve decided to accept the happenings of the unknown ( although WW III has every inch of me scared) I’ve decided I’m not going to let the doubts of the future disturb the sanity of my present. So guess what I did? I purchased a book. How typical of me when I have 4 books on my shelves unread. 

So I’m still on the flight and I’m not at all homesick after one week of travel. All I want to do is catch a random flight and do more of the travelling. I’m high on wanderlust right now. I just don’t want to go home. I just wish this plane ran out of fuel and we landed on the sea and got stranded on an island. How amazing would that be. I’ll be a good Robinson Crusoe. 

With all of this anxiety and random wishes I also have a lot of jet lag and I’m waiting to rest against the familiar warmth of my bed which will engulg me in comfort tonight. 

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7 thoughts on “Life Update : I’m an anxious traveller 

  1. Honestly, I can relate so much. Every time I’m traveling out of the country by plane or just going some place new, I feel so anxious. I never used to get scared of flying but with the mass amount terrorist events and nuclear bombs being made, I just want to crawl under my covers and never leave home.


  2. I’m sad to hear that you feel so anxious, but at least that shows that you aren’t completely oblivious to what is going on in the world right now! The whole world has turned into an absolute mad house and you’re right, when you have a personal problem with someone violence like that would never be the answer so why should it ever be on a larger scale issue!

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    1. In reality I’m not the person who gets very anxious, buy the WWIII just happens to be an exception as the result of the monstrous reaction is what gives me chills 😰


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