Floating Thoughts

Insignificant Truths

I love when  people tell me insignificant truths about themselves. 

Like how their favorite time of the day is night, because it’s so quiet they can feel the calmness. 

That a particular song reminds them of a particular person and bring them to tears. 

How they like the wind against their face and at that moment they just wish to drift off with it. 

Or how their dream home would have a bed of red roses in the garden. 

The favorite quote  from  a John Green book that they like to repeat over again.
That specific smell that reminds them of their mother. 

I get a dash of warmth when people tell me these little insignificant facts about themselves. It’s like they tell me about a part of them that is hidden under so many layers but is the most important. It makes me feel necessary and it makes me have the feeling of the happiness when a cool breeze brushes your face on a hot summer day.  

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