Life Update

I think I should be proud

So today was a proud day.

My ankle  twisted during a badminton tournament last weekend and it might have a crack so I’m gonna put a plaster over it. This is not the thing I’m proud of duh!

So today I had a hospital visit to put the plaster. I was in the waiting list since the doctor was busy. While I was waiting I decided to pull out my phone to do some casual reading. I was happily scrolling through WordPress reading posts but that’s when I noticed him. This guy sitting across me in his mid 40s or so. Staring at me shamelessly.

Just in case you were wondering  what I was wearing because people tend to be curious about that first I was wearing a long top and denim shorts. Why? If that questionable word pops in your mind, let me remind you I had a broken ankle and I couldn’t wear anything long. Does it really matter what I was wearing though? I don’t think it does. I was obviously in pain. I couldn’t keep my leg down without frowning about it.

But this man shamelessly keeps staring at me like I’m sitting there for him. In a hospital. With a broken ankle. In pain. So that he could stare at me and have nasty thoughts. I looked at him once and he looked away in precisely 3 seconds.

I was like fine. Strike one

But after after a few minutes I noticed him staring again. At my legs. I straightened them out and banged my right leg with a thud of annoyance ( I couldn’t bang my left leg because that is what is broken).

He looked away. I controlled some more.
Strike two.

Then after a while.

Strike three.

The third time I was pissed. He was almost th age of my father and he probably had a daughter, a wife, a sister, a mother and he dared to look at me that way.
I decided to give him a taste of his own medicine. I kept my phone down and I kept staring at him. He realised soon that I was looking at him. He glanced at me. But I didn’t glance away. I kept looking. For a solid two minutes I kept my gaze strong.
He got up and walked away. I let out a sigh of relief 😌
I was so proud honestly I started smiling. I could feel warmth in my heart that I finally stood up for myself.

I should be proud right?

But I don’t understand why people have such mind sets. I mean you’re just making a girl who is most probably the age of your daughter uncomfortable by staring.
It’s over though.
We all need to stand up for ourselves some or t it her time. Give no sh#t take no sh#t. Learn to make some place for  yourself in this over rated world. I was honestly so proud of myself that when I reached home I had a whole bar of chocolate as a treat

Say hello to my plastered leg. Gotta drag this chic for 15 days now

I’m going to draw on this and have fun. Maybe I’ll upload a picture of the artwork.
Mic drop


My plaster was a pretty azure and it looked like the sky so I just went for something simple and  put two sun’s and one cloud.

Wow I have the sky both below and above me!💞


18 thoughts on “I think I should be proud

  1. Sometimes I think people aren’t even aware that they’re being noticed. Like some toddlers who annoy the heck out of me just because they stare all the time. Sadly, some adults behave like toddlers. As if they’re looking at a TV. I wish I could punch them to let them know that I’m no TV x’D Maybe it was that kind of thing? I mean… maybe he didn’t have nasty thoughts but just had this kind of retard moment? Nevertheless, you definitely rocked it. Get well soon!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Well I know a look when I see one. He wasn’t just blankly staring at me like a tv out in his subconscious. Anyway why are we still talking about the creep xD

      And thank youuuuu for your wishes 🙂

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  2. I think what you did was brilliant. You should be proud of yourself and if it matters, I am proud of you too!
    You know, it really pisses me off when someone does that. I’m a guy so people usually tell me “Hey, why are you getting pissed”. But I just cant take it when people look at my friends.. actually any girl like that.
    Once when I was out with a friend of mine, all these men kept looking at her. I’d look at every guy and give them a stare to stop. If they’d see me, they’d look away. Then I asked her, “Dude, how tf do you walk so comfortably with so many creeps around you”. And that’s when I heard the saddest sentence of my life. “You learn to get used to it”.
    I really wish I could do something, you know. Fighting endless battles isn’t gonna help. People need to feel the way we do about this. They need to understand they’re being really sick and they’re making people feel uncomfortable.
    Anyway, getting back to you, good job, Ash.
    Someday, I hope, you never have to get to strike one. 🙂

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    1. Okay first of all…. This long comment has made my heart blissful. Literally. You taking time to write this out. And yes it does matter that you’re proud of me, I’m so happy I’ve accomplished my fears. There was a time when even I got used to it, the ugly stares but then I reached my breaking point and I couldn’t take it any longer. This was not the first time I stared back. Now I know how guys feel when they stare at a girl and she looks away. They feel powerful. That’s exactly what I felt when I stared at the guy and he walked away. I felt powerful. Also I felt like I had accomplished my peak, because this society is so gender biased.

      Some day I hope your friend and other females stop getting used to it. I hope they break this habit of bearing all of the crap. I hope they feel the power one day too….

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      1. :’) I like that you liked my comment xD
        Eh no. Your post was beautiful and I think you deserved a minute or two of every person who read the post.
        I hate to know that you got used to it too but I’m glad you reached your breaking point.
        I want you to know that there are some guys who feel very very angry, sad and annoyed at the same time when a guy stares or gives bad looks to girls. They’d do anything to make you girls not feel this way and they’re really sorry you have to feel this way.
        You’ve done the perfect thing, Ash. You gotta use this and give this power to others.
        Thanks for hoping for such nice things for me :’) I hope they all come true, for the sake of humankind.

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