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We never know when that bus is coming 

I like being horribly straightforward. I like telling people how much they mean to me. How much I want their soul to dance with mine. 

I like throwing ‘ I loves yous’ like confetti everywhere around on people who I really care about. I love telling people that they’re ‘special’, ‘amazing ‘,’ extraordinary ‘ and a whole bunch of other adjectives because I want them to desperately know how much I care while my heart is beating. I know I care too much but I guess I just have to use it when I can. 

Because any day I could get hit by a bus. Then what? 

How will I let anyone know how much they mean to me if I keep it all bottled up in me and wait for the perfect moment because hey time has a habit of screwing people. But then again. Time also has a habit of stealing people. So maybe if I do wait for the right moment and the bus comes before that, I’ll regret that I never told you how much you mean to me, by what a large margin you brighten my day, the way you smile could power the city and that your mere existence is beautiful and appreciated. 
Yes you.

 Right there. 

Reading this.

 I just wanted to let you know that you’re phenomenal and we may not have met but you’re greatly appreciated. Whoever you may be or however you may be, you’re this really good flower, that beautiful sunset and the warmth of a hug. Despite anything anyone’s ever told you, your a whole bunch of good stuff you’re never been told. I would love to chat with you on a Saturday evening about why roses smell so royal or how the sky is the prettiest at dusk, but for now let’s just settle at the fact that you’re there reading this. 
I hope something good happens to you soon, I hope you achieve all your goals and I hope that whenever the sun rises it rains pizzas {can you please send me some if it does?} 
Diamond is just carbon. You’re so much more. Garnish yourself with happiness and positivity. Priceless things are always better than those with a price tag. 
If you felt even the teensiest bit good,share it and spread this feeling will you? Let people around you know how much you appreciate them being in your life. You’ve got nothing to loose when you smile at someone, but doesn’t it just feel amazing to randomly receive one. … 

Because it’s till its very late do we regret the things we never did, we never know when that bus is coming. 

Mic drop

7 thoughts on “We never know when that bus is coming 

  1. Wow brilliant post. I suddenly feel the urge to tell everyone how amazing and brilliant they are in case that bus comes.
    I’ll start with you, your amazing, I love your blog and you are inspiring!💖

    Liked by 1 person

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