Thoughts I Think

` Almost `


I’m scared to death of this word. 

Getting so close to the thing I so terribly wanted and then falling short, by a small amount.

We were almost lovers you see? It was the wrong time or the wrong place, and we didn’t happen. 

I was at arm’s reach to her, and my hand almost touched her’s. But then I fell short of a  small margin and she slipped and fell, and we never saw each other again. 

I almost picked up the phone to call him, but alas the damage was already done. 

I was so close to victory, to first rank, my one opportunity, we almost brushed against each other, success and me. But now it’s gone, never to be mine again. 

This word comes in my nightmares. 

In my anxious thoughts. 

Will it be or will it not? 

Oh i almost lost it. 

Oh Almost. 

Mic drop

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