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You Deserve Flowers – Tag

Gratitude is the healthiest of all human emotions. The more you express gratitude for what you have, the more likely you will have even more to express gratitude for.


Hey everyone it’s been quite some time that I’ve been debating over creating such a tag because there are some bloggers who I’m grateful for being out there for numerous reasons.

I thought flowers would be an amazing medium to express gratitude simply because they are lovely beyond compare.

Flowers are one of the things we buy, bring home, watch die and don’t ask for our money back.   – George Carlin 

I have hence created this tag to let them know that they are loved and appreciated and their work should go on because there are people out there who wait for it.



  • Set a featured image of your own choice of flowers when you post the tag.
  • Link the creator (that’s me. I’d love to see people do this tag, because expressed gratitude and flowers are just beautiful and if you’ll tag me I’ll be able to see the posts quicker.)
  • Tag the people who you appreciate and write a few lines telling them about it. Dedicate them a flower/s of your choice.
  • The people who you have tagged may now carry the tag forward or may wish not to. It’s entirely their choice.
  • There is no limit to the number of people you must tag or the number of flowers you must dedicate to a person. So go ahead, you might as well give them a garden.


People I appreciate:

  • Ket Cage – One of the sweetest blogger I’ve ever met. His comments never fail to brighten my day. He’s my kindred spirit and best friend. I will give you lilies because you like lilies and sunflowers because I want you to be happy forever.
  • Tabi Bee – She’s one of the first bloggers I stumbled upon when I joined the blogosphere and I fell in love with her blog. Her photography is goals. She’s just a sweet little blogger with a sweet little bunny. I’d like to give you a bunch of tulips and sunflowers because they’re as happy as you.
  • Elm – I don’t know her very well but what I do know is that she is very supportive to all she meets and is forever trying to be a helping hand in the blogosphere. I’ll give you orchids, because they’re as sweet and pure as you.
  • NewMoon – Another blogger who I initially met on the blogosphere. Her comments are just awesome and she’s really fun too. Her posts have a deep meaning and I enjoy reading them. I’ll give you moon flowers (aka tropical white morning glory)
  • Ash – I recently stumbled upon her and she and I just connected. We don’t only have twin names but also a lot of mutual thoughts and interest. I’m just so sure we’re gonna be great buddies I can’t wait for it. I’m going to give you wildflowers because they’re as wild and daring as you and as special.
  • Angela – She has been very supportive of my blog since the start and her blog has grown a great deal because of her constant hard work behind it which I admire. You deserve lavenders because they just seem a perfect fit for you.
  • Rebecca – We’re just great friends already and I already love her. She’s just very kind and sweet and is strong beyond measures. I’m gonna give you sunflowers and daisies because you just deserve the joy they radiate.
  • Chaos – She is just so cool and amazing. She was one heck of a talent at art and poetry which I am so in love with. She has been supportive from the start. I am going to give you black pansies because I know how much you enjoy that color.
  • Tori – She is honestly one lovely blogger from the blogspot community and her blog name and theme is totally adorable. I would give you daisies!!
  • Ilsa  – She is the BEST book blogger I follow and she has some real skills in blog designing. If there was a flower which smelled of old books, I’d give you that, because they’d be just aaahhh
  • Jerrod – His posts are always so relatable and fun to read!! I’d give you sunflowers!
  • Jade Anna – Her posts are amazing and she’s a great lifestyle blogger! I’d give you lavenders.


If I’d written down all the people I was grateful of, this post might perhaps have been perpetual. To all those who couldn’t find their name on this list need to know that they are as appreciated!

Do spread the word!


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29 thoughts on “You Deserve Flowers – Tag

  1. Awww Ash thank you!!!! ! means so much 🙂 You’ve been so supportive of my blog and I really love it! Your tag is beautiful and spreads so much positivity; you should be proud of yourself! xx


  2. Awww I love this idea Ash! And thank you, you’re so sweet! I’ll shower you with my sunflowers and daisies! But really though, you’re such an amazing friend and I’m really glad to know you as a person and friend! 🙂 ❤️

    Liked by 1 person

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