Life Update

Life Update: Back From Hiatus or Hibernation?

Firstly, I’m really sorry. It’s been almost 7 months since I abruptly abandoned my blog without any notice or thought. I know I owed all of you a few words, but no, the careless selfish me just left. I hope you’ll forgive me.

“Hey Ash where’d you been though?” some of you might ask and I hope some of you do because that means some of you still remember me and were waiting for me to return. Well, I have now, and I’m here to stay.

Well, I had this humongous exam to prepare for which I now realize I completely overreacted over and now I regret making my mind and body go through all that stress and anxiety because of something so mere. I was busy being a student and studying. Or to put more feelings, busy banging my head with a bamboo. It feels the same really. But that exam got over 2 months ago.

What was I doing for two months?

I think I was trying to find myself.

I turned 16 last month and I had the most amazing birthday and I just realized how fast I had grown up. How quickly time had slipped through my fingers, it felt like yesterday I was 10 and was going to school with my small backpack and suddenly I’m 16 years young and I’m about to go to college. For a moment it scared me. I won’t lie I was scared to death. I felt like I hadn’t discovered myself yet, and I decided I had to soon.

Also, I was wasting time. What do you expect huh I’m a teenager. I kept hanging out with my friends, I went out a lot, I watched a lot of YouTube and I’m suddenly a lot into a K-pop (but that’s for another post be ready for the rant) and I was just plain lazing around. I did want to blog every now and then. I wanted to talk to all of you, but somehow I kept losing motivation. Don’t get me wrong I love to blog and I love getting all the feedback and love you all keep spoiling me with but I didn’t want it to feel like a chore. I wanted the words to come by their own time, I didn’t want to force them out and create a mess.

So here I am now. Hoping you all haven’t forgotten me. Because if you’ll have, I’m going to be sad and I’m going to try my best to win you all back.

I’m going to have it to end it here even though I have a lot to say. But I don’t want to make this a long blabber. I’ll keep the rest for another time.

Also, watch out. There are going to be changes. A lot of changes. In the process of finding myself, I’m also reinventing the current me. So I thought I’d even reinvent my blog a little.

Is there anything specific you want to see? The changes in my blog or a new variety in my posts? Any questions? Do let me know in the comments. I love talking to all of you.

I’m going to start using my twitter account more so follow me if you want we can stay more connected 🙂

I’ll try my best to post on my blog every Saturday.


I have missed you guys and I hope you all are doing well. Stay healthy, hydrated and moisturized. If no one’s told you this today, let me do the honors,

You deserve a lot of good things.

Mic drop


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