i miss yesterday

there was a yesterday

I’d gone for a movie with a friend I don’t meet very often

we caught up on each other’s life over pasta in Alfredo sauce and a bottle of pepsi

in the food court of a mall

and i miss that yesterday

there was a yesterday

my mother and i went for a long walk

we spoke utterly random things after a long long time under the ocean blue sky

and it felt comforting and fulfilling

like a home cooked meal

and i miss that yesterday

there was a yesterday

it was a day in april I’d gone to townside with a friend

we travelled by train, walked a lot, had pizza and watched the sea waves crash

everything just felt right that day

but i no longer talk to him

and i miss that yesterday

there was a yesterday

i remember being low that day,

so i did all of my favourite things and had some me time

and i learnt to love myself a little more that day

it felt beautiful

and i miss that yesterday

believe me when i tell you that there are a lot of yesterday’s that i miss,

and at times when I’m sitting idle my mind wanders off to the yesterdays i like

and I wonder how i can reincarnate them into tomorrows

so that my mind has more memories to wander off to

[ commentary from the one who writes~]

the other day i was talking to Egg over the phone and she asked me if i missed the past, and honestly i didn’t really know if i did because i hadn’t really thought about it. then she proceeded to tell me that she did miss the past because it held so many memories that she cherished and kept close to her heart, memories that couldn’t be moulded into the future, memories that could only be remembered. in fact, she missed yesterday. and that was silly for a moment ‘how could you miss a yesterday?’ i asked and she was just ‘ i don’t know i just do’ and there was something to ponder about that sentence. so mention to my beloved egg for the idea of this post.

i mentioned another name for the first time on the blog today, El.

she’s a dear friend and we’ve been really good friends for the last 3 years because we were in the same fandom and it’s gone uphill since then 🙂

however, El hated me in the beginning for reasons she can’t remember because her memories are clouded by the amount of love she has for me now. so welcome el, it’s nice to have you in the words on my blog (she reads my blog), this tiny place of mine hopes to see more of you 🙂


7 thoughts on “i miss yesterday

  1. It’s quite wierd, considering in this fast pace life we don’t have time to look back of what we did and what memories we created. So busy that yesterday seems like so long back. How aptly and beautifully written, compelling us to actually go back and cherish our yesterdays!! ♥️

    Liked by 1 person

    1. ah I totally agree, we need to just stop and look around sometimes, everything keeps moving so fast we can barely hold onto moments, also thank you for the wonderful comment ❤️


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