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be gentle with yourself

Sometimes I feel that we only remember the instances when SOMEONE has helped us, or has been kind to us in ways. An act of kindness done by others that makes us feel a little happier. But why is it that we often neglect the kindness that we show ourselves?

 The number of times we have been there for our self?

You often forget the number of times you’ve picked yourself up, the number of times you put yourself to bed after a really hectic day, the time you took care of your body by going for a walk or putting gauze over your wounds, the way you prevented yourself from making unhealthy choices or told yourself to not do something negative. You forget the times you put yourself back together like a complete jigsaw puzzle after being broken into pieces, the times you made peace with your insecurities and anger.

Why is it that you remember the times others were kind to you but you forget the times you were kind to yourself. You deserve the love you keep giving everyone else. Be gentle with yourself because you’re trying your best.

Your body loves you. It’s always trying to keep you alive by healing all your wounds inside out. It breathes for you when you sleep, fixes your broken bones, making antibodies by itself so that you don’t fall sick. Your body literally loves you with everything it has to give, I think it’s time you start loving it back.

I know that there are these ridiculous standards that are unspoken but are yet expected from us. And you might not always get it right on the first or fourth time. You broke your heart, but you survived it, you bruised yourself the first time you cycled but now you’re really good at having a balance while cycling, you failed a class but you took it again and you passed it. You did it once you can do it again.

Flowers grow back after they’re stepped on,

And so can you.

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12 thoughts on “be gentle with yourself

  1. Very aptly put, makes me want to actually reflect over it! Introspect over do i actually do that and if not i should start doing it then! Thank you!! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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