Life Update

Life Update: I’m Going At My Pace

It was a cold day, the 14th, but ordinary none the less. The sunset was a mix of mauve, magenta and honey gold and it looked like somebody had spilled a smoothie over the sky, the kind of smoothie that you see on Instagram stories. Sunsets are the only part of my quick passing days that I stop to watch There’s no reason to it, except the fact that it calms me down in ways chamomile tea or a chocolate mocha doesn’t.  

Winter is slowly fading and I can feel summer slowly materializing in my bones. The fact that I’ve not been reading enough books lately honestly drives me kind of crazy because I love reading books. Instead, I find my thumbs swiping my phone screen on Instagram or snapchat, and it made me so mad I switched off all my notifications. To increase productivity I use this app called ‘forest’. It’s a really cute app and helps me stay focused and away from my phone. You basically plant a tree for a period of time , and for that time period you can’t go to any other app otherwise your plant dies. But if you don’t get distracted you get coins and you can buy more cute trees :))) how cute right?

This weekend we have a farewell for our seniors and I didn’t take part in any performance because it all felt rushed and I wasn’t exactly feeling my best so I decided to just sit this through. However, my friends and I are planning to go for a nice dinner after the farewell party and I’m looking forward to it. I finished my projects before time too so that I don’t have to stress with that in the end, and honestly, I’m so happy that it’s off my platter now.

My finals are in a month and I’ve been really anxious about them because I have a lot of expectations to reach but instead of succumbing to the pressure they’re putting on me, I’ll see them as hurdles I need to cross to move forward. I’m not sprinting through everything this time. Along with studying, I’m also doing things that I enjoy. I make sure to take small steps and reward myself for every achievement. I learned to make a new spaghetti dish yesterday and it makes me feel accomplished because it turned out to be really tasty and I had this warm cup of mocha with it and it made me feel whole in myself.

I hope you’re taking things at your pace and not rushing with the world that forgets to notice the sunsets. Make time for yourself and do things you enjoy often and simultaneously work towards your goals.

Till next time,

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4 thoughts on “Life Update: I’m Going At My Pace

  1. i love the way you write. this is what can be looked at as a typical “update” post, but your descriptive language and flow just makes it absolutely beautiful. thanks for the little reminder at the end–i needed it today 😉 xx

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  2. This is the first time I visited your blog. Pretty cool. The focus tree, that’s interesting. It is hard to focus especially when you have like three devices. 🎤 😝

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