i bring the revolution with me

my grandmother told me one day

that I was named after a constellation

so when you see me being reckless

it’s because my ancestors were meteoroids

powerful and earth shattering

tearing the atmosphere like a stubborn lightning strike

i was

a haphazard shooting star

before they tried to tame me

i carve the universe on my body

moulding my bones into the phases of the moon

the thumping I feel against my ribs is now lying

exposed on the floor

the first mistake they made

was when they tried to cage an exploding firework

I’m not a firefly

You cannot put me in a jar

My soul is the dust that orbits the multiverse

It always has been, it always shall be

I’m a catastrophe and I bring the revolution with me

My skin reeks of thunder

So go on surrender

mic drop


{commentary from the one who writes~}

hi hi hi hi it’s me i’ve become so used to writing something after each and every one of my poems, it feels wrong when i dont write anything :)))

the poem was inspired over afternoon tea sometime in december when my grandmother told me the various derivations of my name, my favorite one being named after a constellation (my real name haha). i feel like a celestial child, with the multiverse being my home. when i was younger i wanted to become an astronaut and explore the sky as and once somebody asked me why i wanted to become an astronaut and i said “so that i can go home”

there are so many poems that i have written about the things out there- about constant homesickness for the stars and how the moon asks me to come back home, the blue-black kaleidoscope above us just fascinates my core heck even my blog name is inspired by it. i’d never spoken about the derivation of my blog name before, so if you were wondering, here you go 🙂 it’s also named ‘universe of the unspoken’ because it’s an indirect metaphor to my thoughts, more than half of the things i think about don’t come out into the real world and the things that i leave unspoken come out in some form or the other out here (my tiny space on the virtual world)

this poem is also a shout out to the people who restrict me in ways, i’m so glad i know your true motives :)) rarely do i ever give the link to my blog to someone i know in real life because my side on the blog is something i dont show to people i’m not close with, and the other day i showed this someone a poem on my blog and the someone said that the usual ‘mic drop’ i do in the end was “not fitting” for the poem or anything in general and for some reason that just made me :(( and i thought of discontinuing the ‘mic drop’ at the end of my blog posts. i was in a huge dilemma. but then i realized that this blog is my space, my corner, my virtual home and no one should dictate what i should and should not do.

thank you for listening to my ramble about my love for the stars and the multiverse and my strong foot hold for the people who give me unnecessary opinions. i hope you have an amazing week and listen to your heart before you listen to anyone else :))))


11 thoughts on “i bring the revolution with me

  1. “so when you see me being reckless / it’s because my ancestors were meteoroids” – this was such a strong and beautiful statement W O W
    You sound like such a powerful person, i feel empowered and inspired by your words and you ❤️❤️❤️

    Liked by 2 people

  2. You might be all the things you said in the poem you are but the best part is that as a reader it feels like you have written it about me even though you’ve written it about yourself. Your writings are universal and personal at the same time and i love that. They are small things with big hidden stories behind which we can relate on our personal level!!!!!!!!!!!!

    P.S I happen to like your ‘mic drop’ very much, it’s quirky I’m sure just like you!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. This comment uplifted my mood for the whole fricking month I am so glad I could help anyone even in the smallest way possible and comments like these are what fuel me to write thank you so very much ❤️❤️


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