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juice boxes under a tree – it was all yellow

Yellow by Coldplay was blasting in my ears while I was writing my sociology notes last Tuesday, the window was open and a gentle breeze was letting itself in. My mind felt heavy being filled with different theories of sociologists, each having their own concepts of what the world should revolve around. That’s when my phone chimed, it was Egg.

She is one of the two people who’s messages I respond to immediately (the second one being my mother). Lately we hadn’t been catching up on each other’s lives because of her busy schedule and my approaching finals. I read her message from my lock screen – “I’m coming there tomorrow”, a message she typed very casually while on the other hand I literally jumped and squealed on seeing it. Because I knew she wasn’t joking. Egg doesn’t joke; she can’t physically use sarcasm or understand it. Which is why she doesn’t understand me sometimes because half the things I speak are coated in sarcasm. I’d already sent about 12 messages (including two voice messages of me just squeaking) before she could even confirm it.

We were going to be in the same state just for a day and of that we could spend only a few hours. But we were more than happy with it. We decided to meet in a small garden. I was so happy to see her, for the first fifteen minutes I couldn’t stop smiling. Along with her she got seven other books, which she was letting me borrow and before she handed them over, she explained how each book made her feel and then said two of them were to be read only during Christmas because they were winter-y christmas-sy books and I’ll enjoy them better if I read them during mid December (I thought that was silly and I even argued but finally agreed).

We didn’t have to think about what to talk, but each word felt as if it was calculated for that conversation. I love that i can be completely myself when I’m with her, I open my flaws and insecurities to her and she looks at them like they’re pretty flowers. The sunlight was pretty and dried leaves covered the concrete pavement beneath our feet. The rest of the evening we spent taking lots of pictures of each other to compensate the distance between us when she would go back home. Later we went to a grocery store, purchased juice boxes and sipped on it while time quickly passed by us, oblivious to the distance it was about to put between us.

Soon it was time to say goodbye and i didn’t cry even though i was bursting from inside. We barely met for two hours, and I wished it could’ve been more, but I was content. Our little date on a garden bench under a tree and a couple of juice boxes. It was all enough.

Yellow, it stands for the Sun and all things happy and bright, it’s my favourite colour. It stands for sunflowers, caramel custard, sandy beaches and lemonade – things that are my favourite, but Egg, she’s a highlighted yellow because she stands out from the rest of them. She’s the kind of yellow I can never get enough of.

She’s the colour I never thought I’d find, but I did anyway and now all the other crayons in my box feel left out because she’s the only colour I want to colour everything with.

Mic drop


(ps i didn’t realize how corny this was till I finished writing this, excuse me for spilling all my uwus I couldn’t keep them from falling)

if you’re new and don’t know who egg is click here


5 thoughts on “juice boxes under a tree – it was all yellow

  1. you and your friend literally sound goals, I read the post where you first introduced her too and it just sounds so wonderful. I had a really good friend too but then distance came between us and just ugh. But you and egg, sound like you are meant to be

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  2. asdshhhkkjskk im crying😭😭😭 the last lines-the highlighted yellow-omggg i miss my best friend so muchhhh,im sending this to her right away. this is so beautiful ash💛

    Liked by 1 person

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