my poems aren’t you

my poems are the strong winds

at sea that make the oceans roar

and the sky weep

they’re in the stories

of sailors

who’s nightmares consist of them

my poems are butterflies


among a garden full of roses

going only to the one sunflower

in the ocean of red

because you know they’re targeted

even though I tell you they’re not

my poems are daggers and copper shields

that fight my demons

in the warzone that my mind is

so when I tell you they’re covered in rhetorical blood

believe me they’re bathed in them

my poems are the daisies

that my mother planted

with love and watered with strength

they’re nourished with affection

and they grow better than any plant in your heart

which grows in the best fertilizer

but my poems
that are 100 worded love letters for you
could swallow the multiverse
and cough up the Atlantic
oh but they’ll never be you
the one thing
that I want them to be

{commentary from the one who writes ~}

I read this poem the other day about heartbreak where the poet was desperately trying to do justice to his ex lover by writing a poem that would be as amazing as her and the whole poem talked about how he made great attempts to weave metaphors between his poems and her but no flower, sky variation or crashing wave could compare to the beautiful force she was in his life. and I thought that was so amazing what love could do and the whole concept of that poem which reeked of hope and sadness at the same time.

this poem was inspired by that. it talks about how my poems can be moulded into anything I want them to except a person (hypothetical) i want them to resemble the most

i’m halfway through my finals ahhh can’t wait to get some good sleep in my fluffy blanket

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10 thoughts on “my poems aren’t you

  1. this poem was WONDERFUL. I’ve never read a poem about poems and the whole concept of it was unique and brilliant. Especially the last paragraph, it was like a mini love letter / ode? Loved it.

    Ps I love the commentary thing you do, it gives all the readers a little insight

    Keep writing !!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I’ve read people writing poems about different things in the world but the first time writing about their own poems. A poem describing their poems. Only you could do that.
    P. S. The fluffy blanket sounds like heaven! (;

    Liked by 1 person

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