things to fill your heart with

  • the painted sky during dawn and dusk

  • long conversations late at night

  • smol succulents

  • the smell of old books

  • pacific winds

  • heart shaped doodles

  • the clink of teacups

  • songs that heal you in ways

  • cherry blossom petals

  • van gogh’s starry night

  • sense of serenity

  • cozy sweaters

  • bits of the moon

  • lighting and thunderstorms

  • reminders of self love

  • the distant sound of rain

  • tiny butterflies

  • long drives

  • forgiveness + growth

  • scented candles

  • warmth of sun on your skin

  • snow capped mountains

  • the smell of earth when it rains

most importantly fill your heart with love and love and love for you and everything around you

what else would you want to fill your heart with? comment it I would love to know maybe I’ll write a part two with all your responses :)))

mic drop



16 thoughts on “things to fill your heart with

  1. My heart just got overfilled with this post! it is so cute 🙂 Some things that fill my heart are eating bread and mayonnaise sitting on the counter top with friends, walking around aimlessly with the closest of friends, rushing down when the bell rings on the last day of school, new notebooks and pens, looking at the night sky with cup of tea, and many more… Your post is so cute.. oof I love it 🙂

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  2. All those things most definitely fills my heart!!!
    Some things which also do are, long walks with your best friend, sitting somewhere peaceful and the only sound you hear is of birds chirping, somebody you love giving you a good massage, when somebody plays music for you, dancing in the rain, playing with snow, cheating on your diets with your favourite deserts and so many more………………..

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  3. Such a cute post. I’d love to fill my heart with all the things you listed here. I’d maybe add – a field of tulips, pastel highlighters, fluffy clouds, mango sorbet, sweets my mother makes during holidays, Christmas morning and coffee at 3 am. Your post was so cute and nice I loved it ❤️

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