r e d

the world is uncertain

and you are beautiful and unfair

you’re a forest fire – eye catching and destructive

i want to hold you, but it will only kill me

considering you a flame

was the first mistake they made

you are what killed dinosaurs

you are what volcanoes spit out like poison

because you can’t find a home in the place you thought you belong to

you’re red

like love – soft and eternal

but you’re also red like a danger sign

crossing you ends in cruelty and fatality

but you’re both these reds all at once

you’re red like a rose,

but also red like an arrow head

you’re red like a dripping sunset

and red like a fresh bruise

oh but red red red

is my favourite colour

you’re the colour I would willingly drown in

even if it’s the pool of my own blood

{commentary from the one who writes ~}

i tried to write a poem where a person is personified into a colour. you could say this is a love letter for a colour who a person associates with someone they love. but this kind of love is consuming and destructive for the person who falls in love with them. this was my second try at personifying a colour. if you haven’t read the first one, you can find it here.

thank you for waiting for me while I’ve been away for a bit, a life update is coming up soon ~ i hope you’re a doing well

Just remember, it’s a good day to have a good day if you want a good day :)))

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