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sweeter 17

yesterday the world turned the same, and I turned seventeen. I’ll be honest, I never pictured myself turning beyond sixteen years old, not that I thought I’d die by then, I just didn’t know what would unfold once my 16th year was over. I still don’t.

It was 11pm, an hour inching closer to my 17th year. I always thought it was silly that people called you at midnight to wish you happy birthday because I was born at 7 am. All of me wanted to switch of my phone and throw it into a dark corner of my cupboard, because I knew my phone would keep buzzing and there was nothing I hated more. There are times like these when I just want to be alone. Without anyone or anything. So I kept my phone in a corner and did things I love. Updated my playlist for my bus rides, chilled the room and found a book to read.

My phone started buzzing at 11:30pm because apparently wishing someone on their birthday is a 21st century competition among adolescents. It didn’t stop ringing till 1:00 am and since I thought it would be rude to not pick up a call on my birthday, I answered all 22 calls within that time span. It was insane how many calls I took because usually due to my anxiety I just ignore my phone and let it buzz in a corner of my bag.

The 16th year of your life was supposed to be ‘sweet’ and the 18th year was supposed to be when you shouldered your responsibilities but I had no idea what my 17th year would be, being in the middle of innocence and a sudden push to adulthood, till my mom showed me my birthday cake and on it was written – have a sweeter seventeen ~

I’m the kind of person who’s extremely excited about her birthday but as the days inch closer to it, it dawns on me how quickly time is passing and I fall down a sad boy hours rabbit hole. But that line on my birthday cake got a smile on my face and filled me with this feeling I have no name for. But I was grateful for it. Grateful for the people I have, the things I’ve achieved and the person I’ve become. I’ve started loving the person I’ve become and I’ve grown, and honestly that’s all I could ask for. I honestly have no idea what this year has for me in store, but I’ll try to make the best of everything.

Mic drop


Ps my birthday was on 13th I posted this a day late (oops)


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