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whilrwind days

Sometimes you don’t know how much you love something until you’ve completely indulged yourself in it. It’s like drowning, and then coming up for air. Lately I’ve found an immense love for instrumental music. I’ve realised lately that no every void needs to be filled, sometimes there’s a certain beauty to the emptiness and the mere possibility of what it can be filled with.

So my everyday bus playlist now has instrumental music too. I update this playlist everyday, because I can’t be left alone with my thoughts. If you’ve been on my blog for a while now, you’d know that I used to make a monthly playlist, where all the songs that were in it basically described how my mood was for the entire month. But lately I’m such a spontaneous person, I fluctuate on a daily basis and hence I update my playlist daily. This playlist is called whirlwind days because that’s how my brain works – in quick rapid thoughts shot recklessly here and there.

I’ve been overwhelmed with a lot of things lately, and when it gets too much i just start crying. And the good thing is that I let myself unlike the me a year ago who bottled everything up and then had an epidemic breakdown.

I’ve been making a lot of mental lists lately of things that I need to prioritize. Usually it would have my academic goals first and the others followed. But this is what my latest mental checklist looks like –

  • calm the heck down
  • don’t let the anxiety in
  • please go pet that cute fluffy puppy it’s not going to bite you
  • finish socio chapter 2

That’s literally it.

I haven’t written a poem in forever, but I don’t want to force it out of me either. Ah the time will come though. Till then I’ll be finishing my second chapter for sociology.

I hope you’re having amazing days and not whirlwind days. If you are, don’t worry, you’ll get out of this cyclone and everything will be calm again. Till then, hang tight and enjoy the ride.

mic drop



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