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I’ve been falling and falling (in love with everything)

The days are pleasant with big fluffy clouds and calm winds and sunlight that feels like a warm hug. I have never felt more at peace with my surroundings. I have never been so in love with everything.

There are days when the sky would be bluer or the clouds would put on a show with vibrant colours on them. And there are days when the sky is blue but then I realize that blue is not my favourite colour. But I fall in love with that blue sky anyway even though mauve is my favourite colour.

I’ve been in love with the people around me. My friends who aren’t perfect, don’t have perfectly done eyebrows or switch languages mid sentences and mess up the grammar and sing off tune, but they have my whole heart. I try to fill the cracks in them that they hate by loving their insecurities the most.

I’m in love with this weather that blows my hair across my face and tangles it. The rain that suddenly starts falling whenever I forget my umbrella. Little does it know, I’ve fallen for it too.

I am in love, deeply, with this person that taught me to be kind to the things that give me pain. To be in love with everything that people think don’t deserve love; “they’re the things that need love the most”, the person said. I want to keep this person in my pocket and protect them from all the bad things in the world.

And mainly I have fallen, irrevocably in love, with myself. With my flaws, my surgery scars, my ugly birthmarks and all the parts of me that I would constantly criticize. And all those parts have resonated that love back.

Right now I’m in this state of euphoria, where I want to fill every crack with love, paint all the walls in love, water every plant in love and tell people that love is love is love.

Have an amazing rest of the week! ❤️

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