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a dreamy place ☁️

I want to live somewhere where the clouds are not as high and come to visit me through my window. The green is so green that it looks like someone who loved the colour spilled it all over the place with dew and little pretty flowers here and there. The houses are little and cozy, painted in warm colours and filled with warm hearted people. Everyone is happy and kind. When I wake up in the morning in my pastel coloured sweater it’s a little foggy, I walk out of my little mauve house and to a bench and lose myself in the book I’m reading for hours and the environment smells like damp earth. I bike around this little town and collect flowers and leaves to press between the pages of my book. Maybe I own this little cafe which has a small library in it and windchimes at the window. Perhaps I have a dog that follows me around everywhere. People mind their own business and go at their pace and send you baked goods every now and then. I go to bed content with my life and excited for the next day. Everything is at peace, and finally so am I.

3 thoughts on “a dreamy place ☁️

  1. It’s that dreamy place I always dream about. I hope you find it soon, maybe not exactly as it is but maybe you find it in a person or find it in an emotion ❤️

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