The One Who Writes

A big hello to everyone on this page, to the people who have entered over here to know the person behind the blog, I hope you found what you were looking for. 

You may call me Ash. No its not my real name, but it is indeed a part of my real name. It’s an identity for the face behind the blog. And no I’m not the PokĆ©mon trainer, but yes I do love Pikachu (who doesn’t?)

But I don’t  symbolize the end product of a burnt object that my name much obviously seems to signify,   what I do symbolize is the persistent rebellious mortal entity that refuses to get burnt down by even the most strongest wildfire. That sounds like me. The persistent material at the end of a wildfire.

I am 15 years old, but age is just a concept we humans have created. I believe we can be young at 85 and old at 17, it’s really how we choose to be, and in my case, my maturity level is not constant. It constantly fluctuates. I can avidly listen to a political rapport one minute and debate over for and against, the next I can switch over to nickelodeon and watch Spongebob Square pants and laugh till I collapse.

I really enjoy reading books, putting my thoughts into words (one of the reason I started this blog), watching movies, listening to songs, cold nights and warm showers. I love Pizza and Pinterest.

But one page with a few words would not be adequate to describe the one ME. The me with so many underlying deep layers, like soil, a whole variety of world inside me, an incurable homesickness for the stars, the undying aspirations to bring a change, the vision to see a prettier version of our world and a whole universe of unspoken, unwritten and over analysed thoughts.

If you happen to find your self discontent with the information of this page, have no worries, this blog will guide you one step at a time through the millions of layers of a lazy, over active, hilarious, bibliophile and impetuous teen.

The one girl on this one planet with dreams and beliefs  to strong to be broken by simple facts and figures.

I will always remain who I am.


The persistent aftermath of a wildfire who refused to give up.

Mic drop.

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