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here's everything i thought about today

I got up an hour before my alarm rings because of a bad dream and tried to forget it. I thought about how much I wanted to forget that but couldn’t and yet I thought about it every hour of the day. After waking up I thought about the chocolate chip cookies and I thought…… Continue reading here's everything i thought about today

Life Update

little by little, she moves forward

The days are getting colder by the day and if you have a blanket as soft and fluffy as the fricking clouds you would know how difficult it is to un-tuck yourself from the bed in the morning when you’re in the most perfect sleeping condition and it feels like all the planets have aligned…… Continue reading little by little, she moves forward

Life Update

winter murders my productivity

The sunsets have started happening sooner and the days have gotten colder and my intentions of getting out of my bed and doing anything productive have diminished GREATLY. The human race is so evolved and yet we couldn’t include hibernation in our seasonal changes list. This is what a human winter change list should ideally…… Continue reading winter murders my productivity

Life Update

new beginnings 🌿

The world begins again with the sky being enveloped in clouds, it looks comfortable and at rest. At peace with everything it’s overlooking. The day hadn’t looked so peaceful in a while. It intertwines everything it looks at in poetry. Did it know I needed this today? That I needed to be reminded to be…… Continue reading new beginnings 🌿

Life Update

thank you, for being so unkind to me :)

August was like an unsympathetic and ruthless friend who pretends to love you and care for you, but then you find their knife lodged in your spine. If you want to give someone cutlery, the least you could’ve done was tied a ribbon around it. Where are your manners August? The entire month I was…… Continue reading thank you, for being so unkind to me 🙂

Life Update

four mental break downs and three coffees please

The last few days have been a rollercoaster, not the exhilarating kind where you have a boost of adrenaline and feel at the top of the world, but the kind where you’ve had too much food and didn’t give it enough time to settle and now you’re going to barf your guts out. I’ve never…… Continue reading four mental break downs and three coffees please

Life Update

whilrwind days

Sometimes you don’t know how much you love something until you’ve completely indulged yourself in it. It’s like drowning, and then coming up for air. Lately I’ve found an immense love for instrumental music. I’ve realised lately that no every void needs to be filled, sometimes there’s a certain beauty to the emptiness and the…… Continue reading whilrwind days

Life Update

sweeter 17

yesterday the world turned the same, and I turned seventeen. I’ll be honest, I never pictured myself turning beyond sixteen years old, not that I thought I’d die by then, I just didn’t know what would unfold once my 16th year was over. I still don’t. It was 11pm, an hour inching closer to my…… Continue reading sweeter 17

Life Update

a little distance

Winter was comfortable in town a few weeks ago, now it has packed it’s bags and is long gone. Days are warmer now, and don’t require me to be huddled in my blanket. My new academic year has begun, and my usual days include me listening to lofi hip hop music and studying or getting…… Continue reading a little distance

Life Update

Life Update: I’m Going At My Pace

It was a cold day, the 14th, but ordinary none the less. The sunset was a mix of mauve, magenta and honey gold and it looked like somebody had spilled a smoothie over the sky, the kind of smoothie that you see on Instagram stories. Sunsets are the only part of my quick passing days…… Continue reading Life Update: I’m Going At My Pace

Floating Thoughts · Life Update

Crashing waves and Sunlight

These past few days were a rollercoaster. They felt like I was pushed from the cliff and then saved a few feet before the ultimate fall. My adrenaline levels have been so high and my heart has been thumping so loudly I constantly feared someone could hear it. I’m not going to go into details…… Continue reading Crashing waves and Sunlight

Life Update

I’ve Been Finding Myself

The last two months have been so different and so very new altogether, there are layers of me that have peeled off and there are new layers that have been formed. Half of the old me has disappeared. The girl I am today, is someone you haven’t yet met. After that huge exam of mine…… Continue reading I’ve Been Finding Myself

Life Update

Life Update: Back From Hiatus or Hibernation?

Firstly, I’m really sorry. It’s been almost 7 months since I abruptly abandoned my blog without any notice or thought. I know I owed all of you a few words, but no, the careless selfish me just left. I hope you’ll forgive me. “Hey Ash where’d you been though?” some of you might ask and…… Continue reading Life Update: Back From Hiatus or Hibernation?