27.05.20 – a day in pictures

Reading before I start with the day is one of my favourite habits :)) started reading Howl’s Moving Castle, a Ghibli movie is adapted on this book with the same title. watered all my plant children and tilled the soil so they could breathe easier through the roots. the sky is the thing I miss…… Continue reading 27.05.20 – a day in pictures

Simply Something

dim surroundings and some silence

Do you have days where nothing goes wrong but you’re just blank and low? Not the sad kind of low, but the kind where you want everything to be in dim lighting and quiet. Less than the sound of a pin drop. I would love to be one of those people who is making the…… Continue reading dim surroundings and some silence

Life Update

this quaran-teen turned quaran18 during this quarantine

last week was a cocktail of breezy weather and good toasty sun-rays, all of which i could only enjoy through the view my window permitted and somewhere over the course of all that nice weather and social distancing i became a legal adult. did the mountain of responsibility move onto my shoulder? no. did i…… Continue reading this quaran-teen turned quaran18 during this quarantine

Life Update

little by little, she moves forward

The days are getting colder by the day and if you have a blanket as soft and fluffy as the fricking clouds you would know how difficult it is to un-tuck yourself from the bed in the morning when you’re in the most perfect sleeping condition and it feels like all the planets have aligned…… Continue reading little by little, she moves forward

Simply Something

a great perhaps

It’s about 10:28pm, I read Looking for Alaska by John Green all day long and I just have one thing to say. I love books that smack me in the face and make me question everything that I ever thought was right and hold me by my ankles and hang me upside down so that…… Continue reading a great perhaps

Simply Something

what are we if not stories

Comethru by Jeremy Zucker and Bea Miller is playing in my ears as I lay on my bed on this perfectly lazy day. It’s a warm day, the kind of warm that feels like a snuggle, like the atmosphere is giving me a hug. I’ve been reading ‘The Sun Is Also A Star’ by Nicola…… Continue reading what are we if not stories

Simply Something

a friendly february ☁️

Summer keeps trying to crawl in but the Winter continues being dominant. If you were to enter into my room at any point in the day, you’d get lost. It looks like a landfill. Nothing is where it’s supposed to be and everything is everywhere. Since it’s exam season I’ve become a hermit. The only…… Continue reading a friendly february ☁️

Simply Something

it’s the little things

Do you ever start reading a book and get so absorbed into it that you don’t realize when it ends? The last two days were me snuggled in my bed with ‘Eleanor and Park’ in my palms, the cold air blowing through the window and me forgetting to have my meals because I literally didn’t…… Continue reading it’s the little things