27.05.20 – a day in pictures

Reading before I start with the day is one of my favourite habits :)) started reading Howl’s Moving Castle, a Ghibli movie is adapted on this book with the same title. watered all my plant children and tilled the soil so they could breathe easier through the roots. the sky is the thing I miss…… Continue reading 27.05.20 – a day in pictures

Life Update

literally having 2020 vision haha

Here’s something about winters, they make me sleepy and sad, but not the depressed kind of sad, but the gloomy kind of sad. The kind of sad that makes me want to switch my phone off, make the room dark and stare at the ceiling for hours. I’m a stereotypical winter lover, I wear fluffy…… Continue reading literally having 2020 vision haha

Simply Something

“everyone has their yellow paint”

If you’d peek in my closet you’d know that I was one of those people who has a clothing item in almost every shade and colour. I don’t remember when this rainbow closet dream began, but I think it did when my mom told me her favourite colour was black. She’s not one of those…… Continue reading “everyone has their yellow paint”

Simply Something

a dreamy place ☁️

I want to live somewhere where the clouds are not as high and come to visit me through my window. The green is so green that it looks like someone who loved the colour spilled it all over the place with dew and little pretty flowers here and there. The houses are little and cozy,…… Continue reading a dreamy place ☁️

Simply Something


serendipity (noun) – finding something good without looking for it It’s such a wonderful feeling when something comes into your life like a song or a movie or a person or a book or an artist and it feels like everything that you’ve ever looked for is everything that they are, and you find parts…… Continue reading serendipity

Simply Something

a friendly february ☁️

Summer keeps trying to crawl in but the Winter continues being dominant. If you were to enter into my room at any point in the day, you’d get lost. It looks like a landfill. Nothing is where it’s supposed to be and everything is everywhere. Since it’s exam season I’ve become a hermit. The only…… Continue reading a friendly february ☁️

Simply Something

juice boxes under a tree – it was all yellow

Yellow by Coldplay was blasting in my ears while I was writing my sociology notes last Tuesday, the window was open and a gentle breeze was letting itself in. My mind felt heavy being filled with different theories of sociologists, each having their own concepts of what the world should revolve around. That’s when my…… Continue reading juice boxes under a tree – it was all yellow

Life Update

Life Update: I’m Going At My Pace

It was a cold day, the 14th, but ordinary none the less. The sunset was a mix of mauve, magenta and honey gold and it looked like somebody had spilled a smoothie over the sky, the kind of smoothie that you see on Instagram stories. Sunsets are the only part of my quick passing days…… Continue reading Life Update: I’m Going At My Pace


i miss yesterday

an ode to the yesterdays i cherish

Simply Something

You Can’t Stop Me Loving Myself

Even if it takes a while sometimes
It’s okay, I’m in love with myself
I do what I do, so you do yo
You can’t stop me lovin’ myself

Floating Thoughts · Life Update

Crashing waves and Sunlight

These past few days were a rollercoaster. They felt like I was pushed from the cliff and then saved a few feet before the ultimate fall. My adrenaline levels have been so high and my heart has been thumping so loudly I constantly feared someone could hear it. I’m not going to go into details…… Continue reading Crashing waves and Sunlight


I came here to build you [not to love]

Floating Thoughts

Remember When

Remember when we didn’t know how to speak And we were this helpless little mess Which every thought was cute And they powdered us after we had our bath Put us in soft cotton clothes Gave us soothing warm milk to drink Then touched us like we were fragile And put us to sleep Remember…… Continue reading Remember When