Life Update

new beginnings 🌿

The world begins again with the sky being enveloped in clouds, it looks comfortable and at rest. At peace with everything it’s overlooking. The day hadn’t looked so peaceful in a while. It intertwines everything it looks at in poetry. Did it know I needed this today? That I needed to be reminded to be…… Continue reading new beginnings 🌿

Life Update

thank you, for being so unkind to me :)

August was like an unsympathetic and ruthless friend who pretends to love you and care for you, but then you find their knife lodged in your spine. If you want to give someone cutlery, the least you could’ve done was tied a ribbon around it. Where are your manners August? The entire month I was…… Continue reading thank you, for being so unkind to me 🙂

Life Update

I’ve Been Finding Myself

The last two months have been so different and so very new altogether, there are layers of me that have peeled off and there are new layers that have been formed. Half of the old me has disappeared. The girl I am today, is someone you haven’t yet met. After that huge exam of mine…… Continue reading I’ve Been Finding Myself

Simply Something

I Am So Much More

Don’t call me pretty Or beautiful, Or tell me I have pretty hair That you want to stroke with your hands I am so much more than what you see I’m a sunflower in a bed of roses Taste of coffee at 3am I’m that bubble floating around finding its way That echo that comes…… Continue reading I Am So Much More

Floating Thoughts

Some Part Of Me

A little part of me to be known. The rest left undiscovered…

Floating Thoughts

Who are you really? 

“Who are you really?” I asked them They said names. Of people, places, religions and colors. They were not that. Nobody is a name. Now I ask you “Who are you really? ” Let me tell you….. You are not your name. Your weight. Your height. Your age. Your religion or the name of your…… Continue reading Who are you really?