Simply Something

a little empty space

There are days when I feel like a tub of ice cream, and people end up taking bigger scoops out of me then they ought to, leaving me a little less for myself. But I’ve made peace with being a little incomplete, because there is only more space to grow, to flourish. Taking parts of…… Continue reading a little empty space


a list for when everything gets tiring

Some days I find it hard to get out of bed and face the day, or hold a conversation even with the people I love talking to. It gets straining to even jump in the shower or eat a snack, and everything just feels tired and unnecessary. We are under the constant pressure that if…… Continue reading a list for when everything gets tiring

Life Update

new beginnings 🌿

The world begins again with the sky being enveloped in clouds, it looks comfortable and at rest. At peace with everything it’s overlooking. The day hadn’t looked so peaceful in a while. It intertwines everything it looks at in poetry. Did it know I needed this today? That I needed to be reminded to be…… Continue reading new beginnings 🌿

Life Update

four mental break downs and three coffees please

The last few days have been a rollercoaster, not the exhilarating kind where you have a boost of adrenaline and feel at the top of the world, but the kind where you’ve had too much food and didn’t give it enough time to settle and now you’re going to barf your guts out. I’ve never…… Continue reading four mental break downs and three coffees please

Floating Thoughts

somewhere where the sky is in colours I’ve never seen

I want to run away for a while. From these gigantic concrete buildings, from the graded literature paper on my desk, the people that think they know me well, and mostly from myself. I want to run and run and run and run and run and run and run. To somewhere far where I don’t…… Continue reading somewhere where the sky is in colours I’ve never seen

Simply Something


serendipity (noun) – finding something good without looking for it It’s such a wonderful feeling when something comes into your life like a song or a movie or a person or a book or an artist and it feels like everything that you’ve ever looked for is everything that they are, and you find parts…… Continue reading serendipity

Simply Something

what are we if not stories

Comethru by Jeremy Zucker and Bea Miller is playing in my ears as I lay on my bed on this perfectly lazy day. It’s a warm day, the kind of warm that feels like a snuggle, like the atmosphere is giving me a hug. I’ve been reading ‘The Sun Is Also A Star’ by Nicola…… Continue reading what are we if not stories

Life Update

whilrwind days

Sometimes you don’t know how much you love something until you’ve completely indulged yourself in it. It’s like drowning, and then coming up for air. Lately I’ve found an immense love for instrumental music. I’ve realised lately that no every void needs to be filled, sometimes there’s a certain beauty to the emptiness and the…… Continue reading whilrwind days

Life Update

sweeter 17

yesterday the world turned the same, and I turned seventeen. I’ll be honest, I never pictured myself turning beyond sixteen years old, not that I thought I’d die by then, I just didn’t know what would unfold once my 16th year was over. I still don’t. It was 11pm, an hour inching closer to my…… Continue reading sweeter 17

Life Update

a little distance

Winter was comfortable in town a few weeks ago, now it has packed it’s bags and is long gone. Days are warmer now, and don’t require me to be huddled in my blanket. My new academic year has begun, and my usual days include me listening to lofi hip hop music and studying or getting…… Continue reading a little distance

Simply Something

a friendly february ☁️

Summer keeps trying to crawl in but the Winter continues being dominant. If you were to enter into my room at any point in the day, you’d get lost. It looks like a landfill. Nothing is where it’s supposed to be and everything is everywhere. Since it’s exam season I’ve become a hermit. The only…… Continue reading a friendly february ☁️

Simply Something

juice boxes under a tree – it was all yellow

Yellow by Coldplay was blasting in my ears while I was writing my sociology notes last Tuesday, the window was open and a gentle breeze was letting itself in. My mind felt heavy being filled with different theories of sociologists, each having their own concepts of what the world should revolve around. That’s when my…… Continue reading juice boxes under a tree – it was all yellow

Simply Something

restless days, restless nights

My usual days are mostly me lying in bed after my lectures of the day are over pretending I’m lying on a cloud. The days got colder all of a sudden when I was expecting the summer to settle in. I’ve been running out of coffee faster than usual because I’ve started to believe that…… Continue reading restless days, restless nights