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I Am So Much More

Don’t call me pretty Or beautiful, Or tell me I have pretty hair That you want to stroke with your hands I am so much more than what you see I’m a sunflower in a bed of roses Taste of coffee at 3am I’m that bubble floating around finding its way That echo that comes…… Continue reading I Am So Much More

Thoughts I Think

Take me far far away

An ode to all those I have met in the fictional world.

How To's

How To : Take Care Of A Sad Person

Just in case you encounter a sad person, try to make them happy.

Thoughts I Think

Some Part Of Me

A little part of me to be known. The rest left undiscovered…

Universe Of Stories

A Chance To Stay

Perhaps there was a chance to stay.

Simply Something

15 Calming Sentences 

15 sentences that calm me down, probably will work for you as well. A dose of calmness when anxiety strikes.

Thoughts I Think

` Almost `

Oh it was an almost.

Thoughts I Think

Sometimes all we need 

It’s funny how sometimes all we need is A line from a song A quote A movie Or some alone time To really know how you feel about someone or something And all we need is  a simple Hug A good cup of tea An old song A “it’s all gonna be okay” To stick…… Continue reading Sometimes all we need 

Simply Something

We never know when that bus is coming 

You will never see that bus coming. So do what you can before that….


Let’s meet there

See you soon okay?

Thoughts I Think


‘WHAT IF TODAY WAS MY LAST DAY ON EARTH?’  So I have been asked this question twice as a simple interrogation by my friends just to know what all I’d do. When I was first asked this question I freaked out and panicked and my answer was similar.  I said I’d freak out and panic…… Continue reading WHAT IF TODAY WAS MY LAST DAY ON EARTH? 


I Like The Early Hours of A New Day

    I like the early hours of a new day When people are deep in a slumber And the vehicles aren’t creating too much noise on the street The new air still untouched by noisy inventions on wheels   I like the early hours of a new day When you can do whatever you…… Continue reading I Like The Early Hours of A New Day