Life Update

day 21 of quarantine: my brain cells are revolting against me

the world has come to an abrupt halt. being a person who hates routine, I’m literally being pushed into it with life pointing a knife to my back, and i have self sabotaging feelings throughout the day at 15 minute intervals. i’m clearly not adjusting well to a slow paced way, in fact i’m giving…… Continue reading day 21 of quarantine: my brain cells are revolting against me

Simply Something

“everyone has their yellow paint”

If you’d peek in my closet you’d know that I was one of those people who has a clothing item in almost every shade and colour. I don’t remember when this rainbow closet dream began, but I think it did when my mom told me her favourite colour was black. She’s not one of those…… Continue reading “everyone has their yellow paint”

Simply Something

a little empty space

There are days when I feel like a tub of ice cream, and people end up taking bigger scoops out of me then they ought to, leaving me a little less for myself. But I’ve made peace with being a little incomplete, because there is only more space to grow, to flourish. Taking parts of…… Continue reading a little empty space

Simply Something

I’ve been falling and falling (in love with everything)

The days are pleasant with big fluffy clouds and calm winds and sunlight that feels like a warm hug. I have never felt more at peace with my surroundings. I have never been so in love with everything. There are days when the sky would be bluer or the clouds would put on a show…… Continue reading I’ve been falling and falling (in love with everything)


there’s a list of the things I love – a poem

there’s a list of the things I love – ash ash ash chocolate mocha coffee sandalwood soap a sky full of fluffy clouds ash a boy with really beautiful eyes with a mouth full of wonderful things three girls who I would willingly hand the universe to (Egg, El and May) the sound of wind…… Continue reading there’s a list of the things I love – a poem


things to fill your heart with

the painted sky during dawn and dusk long conversations late at night smol succulents the smell of old books pacific winds heart shaped doodles the clink of teacups songs that heal you in ways cherry blossom petals van gogh’s starry night sense of serenity cozy sweaters bits of the moon lighting and thunderstorms reminders of…… Continue reading things to fill your heart with


2018 – an ex lover ( a poem)

a poem where i personify 2018 into an ex lover


hating yourself isn’t poetry

hating yourself isn’t poetry my love show me all your scars and let me kiss them gently     your flaws aren’t ugly my darling they’re like the wings of a butterfly you can’t see them completely yourself but i can and they’re beautiful like a rose gold sunset   those who hurt you don’t…… Continue reading hating yourself isn’t poetry

Simply Something

You Can’t Stop Me Loving Myself

Even if it takes a while sometimes
It’s okay, I’m in love with myself
I do what I do, so you do yo
You can’t stop me lovin’ myself

Floating Thoughts · Life Update

Crashing waves and Sunlight

These past few days were a rollercoaster. They felt like I was pushed from the cliff and then saved a few feet before the ultimate fall. My adrenaline levels have been so high and my heart has been thumping so loudly I constantly feared someone could hear it. I’m not going to go into details…… Continue reading Crashing waves and Sunlight