Life Update

day 21 of quarantine: my brain cells are revolting against me

the world has come to an abrupt halt. being a person who hates routine, I’m literally being pushed into it with life pointing a knife to my back, and i have self sabotaging feelings throughout the day at 15 minute intervals. i’m clearly not adjusting well to a slow paced way, in fact i’m giving…… Continue reading day 21 of quarantine: my brain cells are revolting against me


a list of moments and feelings

the feeling after you finish a really good book, and the urge to read the book for the first time againwhen you say goodbye to someone you know you won’t see again for a long timehaving a hot shower after a long, sad dayrunning and catching a bus that you thought you’d misslistening to a…… Continue reading a list of moments and feelings


my poems aren’t you

my poems can never be you, the one thing i want them to be

Simply Something

be gentle with yourself

Sometimes I feel that we only remember the instances when SOMEONE has helped us, or has been kind to us in ways. An act of kindness done by others that makes us feel a little happier. But why is it that we often neglect the kindness that we show ourselves?  The number of times we…… Continue reading be gentle with yourself


I came here to build you [not to love]

Simply Something

I Am So Much More

Don’t call me pretty Or beautiful, Or tell me I have pretty hair That you want to stroke with your hands I am so much more than what you see I’m a sunflower in a bed of roses Taste of coffee at 3am I’m that bubble floating around finding its way That echo that comes…… Continue reading I Am So Much More

Simply Something

A broken hearted person’s love

Do you know what’s the most beautiful kind of love?   It’s the love of a broken hearted person because it is in giving it that they mean-  I have felt love in my heart and then it has been shattered. Into rumbles, pieces and dust.  My love was savoured like a tasty treat and…… Continue reading A broken hearted person’s love

Floating Thoughts

I want to live simply

I want to live simply.  I want to stand beneath the crying sky and soak myself in its tears and understand it’s pains, and realise that it’s okay to let it all out sometimes.  I want to live simply.  I want to wander in little independent coffee shops and book stores isolated in small lanes…… Continue reading I want to live simply