Life Update

this silhouette of uncertainty has defeated the monster under my bed in a knife fight

The clouds have been gathering in the sky a lot often nowadays and they’re usually the highlight of my day. It looked like cotton candy today. Each second gets heavier by the moment, since I’ve started registering for my university entrance exams it becomes more apparent to me how real all of this is. I…… Continue reading this silhouette of uncertainty has defeated the monster under my bed in a knife fight


27.05.20 – a day in pictures

Reading before I start with the day is one of my favourite habits :)) started reading Howl’s Moving Castle, a Ghibli movie is adapted on this book with the same title. watered all my plant children and tilled the soil so they could breathe easier through the roots. the sky is the thing I miss…… Continue reading 27.05.20 – a day in pictures

Life Update

here and there, somewhere

As I’m writing this down I’m listening to the instrumental version of the OST from Spirited Away, and even though there are no lyrics, I somehow still understand, the song is just that powerful and I think everyone should listen to it so click here if you want to. It’s called the Name of Life.…… Continue reading here and there, somewhere

Simply Something

dim surroundings and some silence

Do you have days where nothing goes wrong but you’re just blank and low? Not the sad kind of low, but the kind where you want everything to be in dim lighting and quiet. Less than the sound of a pin drop. I would love to be one of those people who is making the…… Continue reading dim surroundings and some silence

Life Update

day 21 of quarantine: my brain cells are revolting against me

the world has come to an abrupt halt. being a person who hates routine, I’m literally being pushed into it with life pointing a knife to my back, and i have self sabotaging feelings throughout the day at 15 minute intervals. i’m clearly not adjusting well to a slow paced way, in fact i’m giving…… Continue reading day 21 of quarantine: my brain cells are revolting against me


a list of moments and feelings

the feeling after you finish a really good book, and the urge to read the book for the first time againwhen you say goodbye to someone you know you won’t see again for a long timehaving a hot shower after a long, sad dayrunning and catching a bus that you thought you’d misslistening to a…… Continue reading a list of moments and feelings

Life Update

little by little, she moves forward

The days are getting colder by the day and if you have a blanket as soft and fluffy as the fricking clouds you would know how difficult it is to un-tuck yourself from the bed in the morning when you’re in the most perfect sleeping condition and it feels like all the planets have aligned…… Continue reading little by little, she moves forward

Life Update

winter murders my productivity

The sunsets have started happening sooner and the days have gotten colder and my intentions of getting out of my bed and doing anything productive have diminished GREATLY. The human race is so evolved and yet we couldn’t include hibernation in our seasonal changes list. This is what a human winter change list should ideally…… Continue reading winter murders my productivity

Simply Something

“everyone has their yellow paint”

If you’d peek in my closet you’d know that I was one of those people who has a clothing item in almost every shade and colour. I don’t remember when this rainbow closet dream began, but I think it did when my mom told me her favourite colour was black. She’s not one of those…… Continue reading “everyone has their yellow paint”

Simply Something

a great perhaps

It’s about 10:28pm, I read Looking for Alaska by John Green all day long and I just have one thing to say. I love books that smack me in the face and make me question everything that I ever thought was right and hold me by my ankles and hang me upside down so that…… Continue reading a great perhaps


be a war

beware they said reckless girls like you end up in highlighted newspaper headlines with their lifeless bodies in dumpsters do not revolt against a society that knows better for you do not try to pick the locks on the chains that ground you down do not try to run or be bold don’t be too…… Continue reading be a war

Simply Something

a little empty space

There are days when I feel like a tub of ice cream, and people end up taking bigger scoops out of me then they ought to, leaving me a little less for myself. But I’ve made peace with being a little incomplete, because there is only more space to grow, to flourish. Taking parts of…… Continue reading a little empty space


a list for when everything gets tiring

Some days I find it hard to get out of bed and face the day, or hold a conversation even with the people I love talking to. It gets straining to even jump in the shower or eat a snack, and everything just feels tired and unnecessary. We are under the constant pressure that if…… Continue reading a list for when everything gets tiring