Simply Something

A broken hearted person’s love

Do you know what’s the most beautiful kind of love?
It’s the love of a broken hearted person because it is in giving it that they mean- 

I have felt love in my heart and then it has been shattered. Into rumbles, pieces and dust. 

My love was savoured like a tasty treat and then has been disrespected by spitting it out. 

I was polished daily when I was new, but when time passed, I was an object in a closet which was finally thrown out. 

And oh my love has been burnt to smoke and ash by the ones who I loved so fondly. 

And in most probability there is a chance that you’d ruin my stitched and patched up heart as well. But here take it. I’m wiling to sacrifice it again just for you. 
Just for you. 

Mic drop

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